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A Buyers Guide to Enterprise Resource Planning Software Systems
Since 1998, the ERP software REPORT and has become an industry recognized source for candid evaluation, analysis and rankings for the top ERP software applications. With the release of the 9th edition, the ERP software REPORT has been upgraded to include greater weighting for international accounting standards as well as additional criteria to review the increasingly popular open source software solutions and software as a service (SAAS) business systems.

What hasn't changed is the depth of our reviews, the consistent level of scrutiny, the objective evaluation criteria for meaningful comparison and our steadfast emphasis for complete life cycle analysis which collectively permit our discoveries, conclusions and opinions to be focused, relevant and reliable to individuals looking for expert opinion for each of the market leading ERP software solutions.

CRM software The 9th Edition of the ERP Software REPORT includes the following chapters:

  • Top Hosted ERP Business Software Systems
  • Top Client/Server ERP Business Software Systems
  • Top Open Source ERP Business Software Systems
  • Top ERP Industry Solutions
  • Top ERP Specialty Business Systems
  • The ERP Software Directory
  • A Suite of ERP Evaluation Analysis Tools

There are over 180 Enterprise Resource Planning business systems in the busines applications market place. The ERP software REPORT focuses only on the market leading and most reputable ERP business systems in order to limit valuable review time and provide focused analysis to the most credible applications. Our research may accelerate the identification of a qualified vendor short list so that more concentrated research and evaluation effort can be applied to the most likely contenders and best fit solutions.

The ERP Software REPORT eliminates market hype and exagerated vendor claims in order to bring attention and understanding to both the panacea and pitfalls of the market leading ERP software systems. Quickly highlighting the key differences among otherwise seemingly comparable ERP business systems accelerates the software selection process, keeps the project relevant to primary business requirements and reduces risk in choosing the wrong product.


International Business
ERP Approved Vendors

Increased International Emphasis
This years ERP system reviews have expanded international business systems criteria. This report edition has been enhanced to better accommodate enteprises in the European Union (EU), middle east and Asia Pacific. There is an increased focus on global software functionality, multi-currency capabilities, international tax configuratoin capabilities, multi-national customer support representation, 24 by 7 multi-lingual support and several other internatinally focused considerations. Financial accounting compliance measures now consider the following regulatory sources:

International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
Sarbanes Oxley (SOX)
Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)
ISO standards 9001 and 27001

Focus Your Evaluation
This edition also places greater concentration on the market share leading business systems in order to assist evaluators in cutting through the noise so you can jump start your CRM software selection project, short list the right vendor solutions and spend your evaluation time with the most proven ERP solutions backed by the most reputable vendors. Several of the evaluation life cycle processes have been upgraded in this report edition:

Review of accounting, distribution and CRM application modules
Scoring of the user experience (ease of use, intuitivenes, performance, etc)
Implementation and system administration analysis
Vendor customer service capability and long term viability
Weighted line item functionality review
For SaaS solutions, uninterrupted service delivery and Service Level Agreements


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